GRAFFORMERS history goes back to the mid 90s when Sebastian Bosescu noticed Bucharest's emerging Hip Hop scene through rap pioneers like R.A.C.L.A., Getto Daci or Delikt.

Passing to the new millenium took also the romanian graffiti world to the online medium where graffiti writers from all over the country showed up and improved their artwork through websites like Nev's Aeroart. Artists like Bosescu and ETAL 180 represented Oradea's Hip Hop scene with their graffiti crews (DKC and EAK) since 2001.

But after several isolated "years of initial bombing", the meeting of styles and elements eventually happened in 2010 when lots of things and events took place already with the freshly nameplate of GRAFFORMERS.

More to come for the near future, so get up and stand up!

GRAFFORMERS founding members: Sebastian Bosescu (DJ KLAUS EB), ETAL 180, KESHER 121, GUESTER 5.

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background photo © Martha Cooper